Sultry Sexiness


I thot I tho a puddy caat!

Introducing The Smooth Sultry Sexiness – Bochu! While Yours Truely was away all these months coping with all her different issues, Bochu was busy too. Busy growing up into her gorgeous self …after surviving a fall from the fifth floor!

(Photo Credit: Aneeka Rahman)

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A Day in Nemo’s Life – Pt 2

So continuing from where we left of months ago…


11:50: Explore Naomi’s empty room, run about widly and attempt the climb up the legs of the ironing board

12:00: Pretend to get a scared and skittish when the maid enters the room to clean-up. Take a step towards the maid to see if she will play and get an ugly frown from her in return

12:05: Give a lonely shrug and a sad mew and enter Naomi’s closet to go sleep on her box of CDs. Climb up the box, drag one of Naomi’s skirts down, settle down and make a nice, comfy, warm nest and turn into a ball of snoozing fur

12:30: Look up once and blink as The Royal Evilness (Naomi’s Mom) peeps inside closet to see if I’m still breathing. Make an attempt to show interest in playing with TRE, and end up making TRE scamper away quickly


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The Pain



There is no words…no article…no newspaper reports which summarizes what I feel and what we feel as a nation….

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I’m Sorry…………..25th February 2009

I’m Sorry that one day you came back from school and heard that you had become an orphan.

I’m Sorry that the body of your beloved father, so smart and upright in his immaculate army uniform, was found mutilated in the sewage waters.

I’m Sorry that your mother; an epitome of dignity; was dragged out of her house, gang raped, bayoneted to death and then dumped – wrapped up in the curtains of your very own house. 


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The Silent Scream

The Silent Scream

The Silent Scream


This is Kitty again. Megan’s cat. He is screaming at Megan. She must have done something real naughty. (Photo Credit: Megan Marsha Barrokh Edwards)

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A Day in Nemo’s Life- Pt 1

If Nemo was in the habit of maintaining a journal during the two short months that she lived with me in our Baridhara house, then an entry of an average day would look something like the following…


9:00: Wake up, yawn big and shake myself out of the closet

9:05: Jump up and down on sleeping Naomi and whine pitifully

9:10: Continue to whine pitifully and poke sleeping Naomi wiith nose

9:15: Scamper away just in time for the sleeping-mountain-of-a-Naomi to groan loudly and get up all grouchy and grumbling


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Presenting my friend Megan’s cat – Kitty. He just likes to hang out. (Photo Credit: Megan Marsha Barrokh Edwards)

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Nemo the Night-Crawler

Nemo’s day would begin when mine ended.

At 2 am in the morning, she would emerge from her room – my closet – where I had made a cozy warm corner for her to curl about in.  Poking her head in through the door, she would saunter out lazily, stretching first her paws, then her back and finally her whole self until she was thoroughly awake. A slight shake and a small toss of the head – and she would be ready – as fresh as a newly minted penny.


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Slurp Slurp!

Slurp Slurp!


This is Bochu. My current favourite. She was adopted by my friend cum boss cum collegue Aneeka and LOOVES her favourite playmate – Ms. Coco – Aneeka’s dog. Her love for Coco makes her do foolish things. She followed the dog out to the stairs, lost her balance and fell right through the gap between the staircase, and landed straight on the marbled ground below. *Meouch!*

(Photo Credit: Aneeka Rahman)

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Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo was the easy part. It was loosing her that was the hardest.

Nemo was found in Baridhara, right in front of my university. Ok no – that is the version I told my mother – The Royal Evilness. Nemo was found on a random street. This is what I told my friends and cousins. Actually the truth was – Nemo and her mom was found holed up in an abandoned building near a friend’s house. In a dog infested neighbourhood.


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